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Theme Celebrations

Weekends Are Meant to Be Celebrated

Weekends are extra special at Jellystone Park™ West Georgia. Family and friends will enjoy special activities, events, food, and decor during our theme weekends. From Halloween to Mother’s Day and Christmas in July to a Birthday Party for Yogi Bear™, you can celebrate with the Jellystone Park™ family. Check out our calendar and book your family vacation around an upcoming theme celebration.

All activities and dates are subject to change without notice.

May 10-12, 2024

Mom’s Reign Supreme

Calling all marvelous moms! Get ready to be treated like royalty during our extraordinary Mother’s Day Weekend! It’s your time to shine and be pampered like the queen that you truly are with gifts and a mom’s night out with a special DIY craft. ($) Kids, this is your chance to show your love and appreciation for the amazing moms in your life. Create a one-of-a-kind craft that will make their hearts melt with joy. From personalized photo frames to handcrafted cards, your unique creations will be a cherished memento that mom will treasure forever. And guess what? Even Yogi Bear™ himself has something special in store for mom!

May 17-19, 2024

Shadows and Saviors: The Ultimate Battle Royale

Step into a realm where darkness clashes with valor, where heroes rise to the challenge and villains lurk in the shadows. Welcome to “Shadows and Saviors: The Ultimate Battle Royale,” an immersive theme that ignites the imagination and brings thrilling adventures to life.
Engage in a series of exhilarating games that test your courage, strategy, and teamwork. Choose your side—will you embrace the role of a valiant hero, armed with extraordinary powers and unwavering determination? Or will you succumb to the allure of darkness, embodying a cunning and malevolent villain, master of deception and treachery?
Prepare for an epic showdown as you and your family delve into an array of exciting activities. Embark on daring quests, unravel mysterious riddles, and solve puzzling challenges that will unveil hidden secrets and unlock the path to victory. Unleash your creativity with costume contests, face painting and mask making, where you can design unique alter egos.
Fuel your competitive spirit with action-packed group games, such as an obstacle course, epic tug-of-war battles, testing your strength and resilience against foes. And for a true test of strategy, engage in a thrilling game of capture the flag, where heroes and villains vie for supremacy.
“Shadows and Saviors: The Ultimate Battle Royale” is a celebration of both games and family fun, providing an immersive experience that unites generations. Whether you unleash your heroic potential or revel in the art of villainy, prepare for an unforgettable journey into a world where legends are made, destinies collide, and the battle for supremacy begins. Let the adventure ignite and may the best side prevail!

May 23-27, 2024

Honoring Sacrifice With Gratitude: A Memorial Day Celebration

In this commemorative event, we invite you to engage in meaningful activities that reflect the true essence of Memorial Day. Participate in our grand Memorial Day parade, where your creativity can shine through decorating your bike, dressing up in patriotic attire, or transforming a golf cart into a dazzling display of American pride. March alongside fellow patriots, united in purpose and gratitude, as we pay homage to those who selflessly fought for our freedom.
Please note: A three-night minimum stay is required to ensure ample time to immerse yourself in the festivities and make the most of this extraordinary celebration.

May 28, 2024 – June 2, 2024

Slip ‘n Slide Splash Bash Week

Dive into the ultimate summer escape at our week long Slip ‘n Slide Splash Bash! Join us for exhilarating water adventures designed to beat the heat and create lasting memories. Embark on a thrilling journey of slip ‘n slides, sponge toss, and squirt gun tie dye $ where art and laughter collide for an unforgettable experience. Take a plunge into the excitement of our aquatic wonderland and revel in the joy of summer celebrations. With vibrant water games, cooling activities, and a friendly atmosphere, Slip ‘n Slide Splash Bash is the perfect remedy for the summer heat.

June 3-9, 2024

Neon Nights and Tie Dye Delights

Immerse yourself in a dazzling world of color and glow! Join us for an unforgettable experience featuring an Evening Glow Parade, Late Night Glow Swim, thrilling Color Run, and captivating tie-dye activities ($). Get ready to be enchanted by a vibrant celebration that will leave you with cherished memories!

June 10-16, 2024

King of the Park: Celebrating Super Dads

Calling all fathers! Prepare to be treated like the kings you truly are during our magnificent weekend getaway at Jellystone Park™. It’s your time to shine, relax, and create cherished memories with your loved ones. Join us for a remarkable experience filled with special surprises and thrilling activities that will make you feel truly appreciated. Enjoy a Dad’s Night Out with a special DIY activity. ($) Kids will create a one-of-a-kind token of appreciation that will warm his heart. Even Yogi Bear™ himself has something special in store for dad!

June 17-23, 2024

Nailed It! A Weekend of Epic Wins!

Get set for an adrenaline-fueled weekend of trick shots and high-energy games that will put your ping pong ball skills to the ultimate test. Think you can make a “not your average” hole in one shot at mini golf? Imagine yourself making a hole-in-one shot at mini golf that’s anything but ordinary. Embark on an exhilarating adventure with us as we challenge your abilities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with everyday objects. Engage in friendly competition with your pals and leave everyone astounded with mind-bending shots. Brace yourself for a weekend packed with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Get ready for an epic weekend filled with tons of fun!

June 24-30, 2024

Aloha Adventure

Aloha, explorers! Get ready for a tropical party that’s bursting with fun and smiles – it’s our Aloha Adventure! We’re talking colorful leis, games that’ll make you giggle. Imagine the coolest hula hoop contest, and limbo games that’ll make you bend and wiggle, plus a chance to make your very own tropical crafts. So, grab your sunglasses, slip into your comfiest flip-flops, and join us for a day of sunshine, laughter, and aloha magic!

July 1-7, 2024

Patriotic Pic-A-Nic! Where Bears and Freedom Roam

Spend your 4th of July Week at Jellystone Park™! There will be activities, games, pool parties, crafts, a parade and more! Show us what you can do with red, white, and blue! Decorate your golf carts and bikes and join Yogi Bear™ in our annual 4th of July Parade. Don’t forget to decorate your campsites for our Independence Day site decorating contest!
Please note: A three-night minimum stay is required to ensure ample time to immerse yourself in the festivities and make the most of this extraordinary celebration.

July 8-14, 2024

Chocolate Craze

Join in friendly competitions as you are tackling slippery challenges and messy surprises along the way. Engage in chocolate-themed relay races, testing your balance and coordination while transporting spoonfuls of chocolatey goodness.Throughout the weekend, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the sweet aroma of chocolate, your hands and faces adorned with delectable smudges and smears. The atmosphere is filled with laughter, joy, and an unspoken understanding that messiness is an integral part of the chocolate experience. So, roll up your sleeves, embrace the chocolate stains, and let the Messy Chocolate Craze weekend transport you to a world where messiness and chocolate collide in the most delicious and unforgettable ways. Get ready for a whirlwind of chocolate-infused happiness that will leave you with memories—and chocolate smudges—forever etched in your heart.

Theme Weekend Highlights

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