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Unleash Your Creativity With Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Autumn at Jellystone Park™ West Georgia is painted with vibrant fall colors, echoing the excitement of the upcoming Halloween festivities. Central to this celebration is the age-old tradition of pumpkin carving. And while many are familiar with the classic jack-o’-lantern, the world of pumpkin decorating is vast and filled with creative possibilities. From seasoned artists to families looking for a fun activity, our guide offers a range of ideas to inspire everyone.

Master Pumpkin Decorating

Traditional Carving:

Carving remains a timeless choice for pumpkin decoration. Using a serrated knife or a specialized pumpkin carving kit ensures precision. Before you start carving, sketch your design with a marker. Once done, light up your masterpiece with an LED light to bring your spooky creation to life.

Painted Pumpkins:

Move over carving, and make way for paint! Painting your pumpkin offers endless possibilities, from spooky faces to intricate designs. Acrylic paints yield the best results, and if you’re aiming for a smoother canvas, consider applying a primer. Brushes of various sizes can help you achieve detailed designs, and a clear spray can protect your artwork.

Doodle Pumpkins:

Pumpkin decorating takes a creative twist when you introduce doodling into the mix. With a Sharpie, your pumpkin becomes a canvas for your artistic flair. Whether sketching patterns, drawing faces or letting your imagination run wild, a fine-tip Sharpie allows for detailed designs. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, combine doodling with a painted background for a standout effect.

Collage Pumpkins:

Why stick to one material when you can use a mix? Buttons, fabric, leaves, and pom-poms can all be used to create a unique collage on your pumpkin. Secure your chosen materials with mod podge or craft glue, layering and overlapping them for a creative look.

Sticker or Washi Tape Pumpkins:

Stickers and Washi tape offer a mess-free and fun method of pumpkin decoration. From mummy designs and polka dot stickers to quirky googly eye stickers, the possibilities are endless. Combine different patterns and colors, and even layer with other materials if you like.

While pumpkin decorating is a highlight of the season, it’s just one of the many activities to enjoy during the Halloween Spooktacular Weekends at Jellystone Park™ West Georgia. Dive into the enchantment of the Magic Pumpkin Patch, enjoy arts and crafts, participate in games, and don’t forget the costume contest and the cabin & campsite decorating contest. Ignite your imagination and prepare for a month filled with Halloween magic!


Carve Out Some Fun on Halloween Spooktacular Weekends

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